Driven by the world’s need to respond to global energy challenges, the renewable energy sector has emerged as one of the fastest growing business sectors globally. In 2008 more than USD 120 billion was invested in the renewable energy sector, up from less than USD five (5) billion in 1997.

Renewable energy generation relies on proven technologies to harness power from virtually limitless natural resources such as wind, sun, water and the earth’s own heat. However, despite technological advances and an abundance of renewable energy sources, currently only approximately 5% of the world’s power generation comes from renewable energy sources (excluding large hydro).

The market to harvest the earth’s heat is still the most unexplored technique of the renewable energy spectrum.

The geothermal industry ("geo" meaning "earth" and "therme" meaning heat) is despite some development in selected markets (e.g. US), still in its infancy:
  • Limited number and size of projects to date;
  • Highly fragmented in terms of market players and geographic scope; and
  • A value chain which is constantly under development.
The geothermal energy market is expected to continue to increase rapidly in the years to come as the renewables sector develops at breakneck speed.

The Transmark Group, through the specialized experience and expertise of its subsidiaries Transmark Renewables and Transmark EDS, aims to capitalize on this attractive opportunity.


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